Wildlife Collections Journey Bracelet

Wildlife Collections Journey Bracelet is very important to me, I will be providing you more information later in this article.  I want you to know these are very affordable, If you have a place in your heart, how would you love to help be a part of this cause? First, you will learn about this organization, and then about their merchandise. This is your opportunity to make a difference, I do hope you will read the entire article before making your decision?

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wildlife collections journey bracelet


What You Need To Know

You really need to know what is in the heart of this website, they work alongside non-profit organizations. They came up with the simple idea to sell bracelets, later I will tell you more about the merchandise. Right now I want to get acquainted with Wildlife Collections, here are some important facts about them.

  • Started in 2018
  • Donated Thousands of Dollars to Save Endangered Wildlife
  • Attractive, Affordable Bracelets
  • Tracking Endangered Wildlife
  • Joined the Fight to Save Sea Turtles in 2019
  • 10% of the Profits from the Journey Bracelet is Donated
  • In 2020, they joined Save the Elephants
  • 2021 joined Save the Polar Bears
  • This  Organization also joined the Orca Research Trust Organization

Are you impressed with the heart of this unique website, as you can tell they are very serious about saving our wildlife? That is the reason I am adding this to Best Birthday Clubs to Join, if you are an animal lover you also can be a big part of saving our wildlife.

Each Bracelet Tracks An Animal

You have the option to choose which animal your money saves, so this is totally in your own control. What better way to spend your money, than by shopping on this website? 10% of every purchase you make goes to save the wildlife of your choice, now what is your heart saying to you right now?

  • Save the Sea Turtles
  • Save the Elephants
  • Save the Polar Bears
  • Save the Orcas
  • Wildlife Tracking Bracelets
  • Wildlife Brand Apparel

Are you ready to learn more, if so just keep reading, I am on a mission to educate you? I am going to go into more detail on the following in the list above, I am going out of my way to provide you as much information I possibly can. I want you to know as much as possible, and in return, I hope you will seriously consider visiting the website.

Save The Sea Turtles

Imagine you will have your very own sea turtle, and you have the option to track him or her. This is an awesome opportunity for a very low investment, but you can make a huge difference in the wildlife you support.

  • The Journey Bracelet
  • Sea Turtle Anklet
  • 5 Piece Turtle Collection
  • Wave Ring
  • Wave Bracelet

I am sorry to inform you the Wave bracelet is out of stock at this time, this is the most popular merchandise in the save the turtle collection. You will be surprised to hear these products cost $19.95 and less, you will receive a turtle of your very own with every purchase. So the more you buy, the more turtles you are supporting.


wildlife collections journey bracelet


Save The Elephants

Maybe you are more partial to saving the elephants, you can support as many as you desire. Just like the turtles, you will be supporting an elephant with each purchase. I really think that is amazing considering the low cost, you can even spread the word to your family and friends.

  • The Expedition Bracelet
  • Elephant Anklet
  • 5 Piece Elephant Collection

So are you starting to see how worthy the cause, this is so easy to do? You just buy something you want anyway, and by doing so you are supporting endangered wildlife. If we don’t start protecting our wildlife, our children and grandchildren will have to see them by pictures one day.


wildlife collections journey bracelet


 Save The Polar Bears

Can you imagine our future generation never seeing a polar bear, I can remember how my sons loved to go to the zoo. The polar bears were one of their favorites, they were amazed at seeing a white bear. For this animal, you only have one choice, and that is the venture bracelet. 

  • Marble Color
  • Polar Bear Icon

This bracelet looks very similar to the elephant picture above, the color reminds me of a marble cake. The bear is a white ivory color, set up much like the picture above. You do receive your own polar bear with your purchase, this just might be a nice Mothers Day gift?

Save The Orcas

These are such beautiful in real life, I remember taking my sons to Sea World seeing the Orca. My sons loved this more than anything else there, but the dolphins did come very close. The website does not provide information on receiving your own Orca, but maybe later on this will be possible too? This is their most recent addition, and they do have some unique merchandise for you.

  • The Tailfin Bracelet
  • Wave Ring
  • Wave Bracelet

The wave ring and bracelet are similar to the turtle jewelry, I must admit the tailfin bracelet is a very attractive piece of unique jewelry. we are just about finished all we have left is the apparel. I will be talking to you about that next, so please be patient and don’t leave quite yet.

Wildlife Collections Apparel

If the merchandise above is not to your liking, maybe the brand apparel will be something you prefer. Let us see what they offer you in their apparel, and you are supporting this cause by purchasing apparel too.

  • The Mission Hat
  • WC Hat
  • Truckers Cap
  • T-Shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Visor
  • Mug
  • Wildlife Collections Stickers
  • Gift Cards

If your mother is an animal lover, you might have just found her Mother’s Day Gift? Even if nothing here is a good choice for your mom, you might know some animal lovers that would love this shop? So if you are not interested in buying yourself, please share this article with your family and friends.


wildlife collections journey bracelet


What Is Your Heart Saying To You?

Whatever your heart is saying to you, I do hope and pray you are listening. These are such unique gifts you won’t find anyplace else, and the prices are very affordable for everyone. Please consider sharing this article with anyone who might be interested, also leave me a comment on what you think about Wildlife Collections?

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