Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree Care

Today we are going to learn about Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree Care, and I am sure you are curious why I chose this particular topic? I will be sharing my story with you in the next paragraph, and this could possibly be a unique birthday gift for someone special? Anyone who has a passion for gardening will find this article interesting, and who knows it might even motivate you to buy yourself one of these beautiful plants?

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hawaiian unbrella bonsai tree care

Why The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree?

As I promised there is a story behind why I chose this particular bonsai tree, and the reason is I just received mine in the mail last week. The image above does not provide you the true beauty of this plant, and I  am more than happy with my purchase from Bonsai Boy. I am even so impressed with this I might order one for my mother’s birthday, so you also might have someone with a birthday coming up that this would make a unique gift for?

  • $24.95
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Easiest bonsai to care for
  • Beautiful and trouble-free
  • Evergreen
  • Home
  • Office
  • Dorms
  • Grows well in low light conditions
  • Interesting variegated home decor plant
  • Grows to form a dense canopy
  • Arrived potted with gravel on top of the soil
  • Humidity tray optional

This is a 5-year-old tree, and it is approximately 7-8 inches in height. Perfectly formed when it arrives, so the basic shape is already done for you. I also ordered the humidity drip tray that is recommended for $6.95, you simply add pebbles to the tray with water to provide the proper humidity during the winter.

Recommended Bonsai Trees For Beginners

If you happen to go to Bonsai Boy, you can find it at the top of their menu trees for less than $30.00. That is where I found my Hawaiian Umbrella Tree, and I am going to save you time by providing you the other choices.

  • Baby Jade
  • Golden Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Artificial Christmas Bonsai
  • Juniper
  • Flowering Brush Cherry
  • Mugo Pine
  • Artificial LED White Birch

How I got this idea was from researching Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas, and since I am also new to living in an apartment with a balcony this was something I needed to know. Even though this is very easy to grow, I want to find out more about this particular tree and how to care for it.


hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree care


Let Us Learn About This Bonsai Tree

Since I needed to take the time to find out more about caring for my new plant, I thought why not write an article to share what I learn with my readers? There are surely others who are interested in bonsai gardening, but maybe like me never did in fear of killing the poor thing?

  • Interesting this is actually from Australia and not Hawaii after all, so I wonder how it got its name?
  • You also can find this in some parts of Asia
  • Highly prized as being a unique specimen
  • The root system is similar to the mangrove tree, I am not familiar with that one either?
  • Height is between 8 and 12 inches
  • The width is about the same as the height
  • Dim lighting or indirect lighting
  • Lives to be 100 years and even longer

Are you enjoying learning about this special tropical plant, and if you are I would love a comment from you? Your comments motivate me and also provide me what interests you the most, so I can write more articles you want to read.

How Most People Kill Their Bonsai Plants

I just read not long ago that overwatering is the most common reason our plants die, and for some reason, we feel they require more water than they actually do? So this is something I am very interested to learn, and this can save many lives of our other plants as well.

  • Prefers moist soil
  • Important not to allow the soil to become dry
  • Winter is the most critical time for most houseplants
  • Water until the water starts to run out of the drainage hole
  • A humidity tray with stones is recommended
  • The humidity tray prevents root rot plus provides adequate humidity

Now I know I will need to purchase some pebbles for my humidity tray, but other than that everything else was included. Purchasing the humidity tray was a good choice, and now I am happy to invest the extra $6.95. The pot is a very attractive container, and perfect for indoor garden decor.


hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree care


 Bonsai Tree Tips For Beginners

Are you ready for a few more tips, I hope you are finding this article interesting as I am writing it? The more we know the better we can care for our tree, and just imagine this plant could outlive us if we care for it properly?

  • The best temperatures are between 65 and 72 degrees
  • Never allow the tree to be exposed to temperatures near 50 degrees or it will more likely die
  • Avoid using a fan or placing it near an open window
  • Oddly low lighting is recommended which is uncommon for tropical plants
  • Able to tolerate low levels of humidity
  • Fertilize with a bonsai fertilizer once per month
  • The majority of bonsai trees only require repotting every two to five years
  • Prune to keep the desired shape you desire

These are very helpful tips to know, so to be sure we get the best fertilizers that is what we are going to find out about next. I don’t mind paying a little more to keep my bonsai healthy, and this being such a unique addition to the apartment I want to be careful.

Best Bonsai Fertilizer List

I am about to list the best choices of fertilizer for your bonsai, so this can be an important part of keeping them healthy. Weak plants are the ones that usually get infected with disease and parasites, and here are the best ones to buy.

  • Best Overall Biogold Original provides you bonsai with time-released nutrients, so no fear of over-fertilizing.
  • Dyno-gro Bon is a liquid fertilizer, so you will be mixing with water and applying
  • Perfect Plants bonsai fertilizer pellets, but be sure to only fertilize once per year with this product
  • Bonsai Master Fertilizer is 100% urea free, and this assures you no side effects to your tree
  • Superfly Fertilizer is a good quality product budget-friendly, and another benefit is this is a slow-release product to prevent over-fertilizing.

You are going to need to expect to pay more for these fertilizers, but remember you will not be applying this as often or in large quantities. I don’t know about you, but I need more information on this low-light? Usually, they recommend full sun, part shade, or shade for plants, so this is a bit confusing for me?

Where Is The Best Place For My Bonsai?

The Hawaiian Umbrella tree according to all the articles I read suggests low light conditions, now I am a bit worried since I placed mine in front of my balcony window with my other plants? Would this be too much light I am wondering, so I am going to see where might be the best place for my plant?

Bonsai Empire provided this information for light especially for my tree, so they state that this plant can tolerate dim lighting and low humidity. They also state they will grow much better with more light, and this will produce smaller leaves that are healthier for the plant.

Don’t you hate when articles tell you different things, and that is why I make it a point to get my information for you from websites that specialize in my topics?


Best Tree Choices For Bonsai Gardening

Being a beginner with no prior experience I choose Bonsai Boy, and they are on the list of the top bonsai resources. The main reason I purchased from them my plant is already potted, and also already trained to the proper shape. For anyone who desires to try this from scratch on their own, I have a list of the best choices of trees.

  • Japanese Red Maple
  • Fiscus
  • Cotoneaster
  • Common Beech
  • Boxwood
  • Juniper
  • Jade
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Chinese Elm
  • Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Olive
  • Azalea

This list has me thinking if my tree makes it a full year, I might try one of these on my own. That is if I can learn how by then, I am partial to the Japanese Red Maple and the Azalea. Those are two I am going to write down for future purchases, but I think I will check Bonsai Boy first?


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