Asian Bedroom Lamps

I was online reading about Asian bedroom lamps, you know I never realized how beautiful they are? Since I recently moved into an apartment, I am in need of some home decor. Would you believe there is no light in my new place in the bedroom, so I am shopping for some lighting that is decorative as well? This was not the type of merchandise I was actually shopping for, but to my surprise, I really was inspired while on the website. This seemed like something interesting to share with you, so keep reading to learn more.


asian bedroom lamps


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Want To Hear About This Store?

I promise to keep this short so as not to bore you, but what I do want to do is share what merchandise you can find here. You can skim the list below to know what they have, and who knows, you might even want to visit this website?

  • Wall Scrolls
  • Patio Umbrellas
  • Clothing
  • Hand Fans
  • Wooden Wall Maps
  • Paintings
  • Wall Carvings
  • Home Decor
  • Figurines
  • Dolls
  • Incense Burners
  • Cushions for Mediation
  • Beautiful Asian Screens
  • Furniture
  • Bamboo Rugs
  • Garden Stools
  • Decorative Vases
  • Chinese Fish Bowls
  • Bonsai Trees

You might think the list is quite long, but I didn’t even put everything on the list. I chose the merchandise that was the most interesting to me, so check the Asian lamp and lantern list out below. Before we go to the next section, you are able to get new posts by email. I just added the form, this is for your convenience so you don’t miss any of my articles.

Check Out The Asian Lamps & Lanterns

You will find beautiful lamps and lanterns to add to your home, I am still trying to decide which ones to purchase right now? Maybe you can leave me a comment on the ones you like the best, you just might be able to help me make the decision?

  • Peace Lanterns
  • Midnight Round Blue Lamp
  • 27″ Mosko Black Table Lamp
  • 24.5 Porcelain Blue Vase Lamp
  • Resurrection Lantern
  • Purity Lantern
  • Marriage Lantern
  • Tangerine Balloon Lantern
  • Midnight Blue Lantern
  • Love Lantern
  • Knowledge Lantern
  • Good Faith Lantern
  • Flower Lantern
  • Chinese Girl Lantern
  • Exploding Blossoms Lantern

I am leaning towards the lanterns over the lamps, so which one do you like the best? Leave me a comment, and I will provide you an image of a lantern.


asian bedroom lamps



So What Do You Think?

Which one of the two images on my website do you like the best, the top image is the lamp. The image above this heading is the lantern, I really do think the lanterns are beautiful. The one above must be everyone’s favorite, they are temporarily out of stock.

Ready To Learn More?

Learn About The Hanging Lantern

Since the lanterns seem to be my first choice, I decide to tell you more about them. You might be surprised at what you are going to learn, and by the way, these would make great gifts. There are five types of these I have to choose from, so here are the different types.

  • Silk
  • Paper
  • Chinese
  • Glowing
  • Ceiling

These types all are to be hanged in your home, are you curious to learn more about them? I am sure you are, so if you are still reading that is what I am going to do now. I was curious about how to hang these lanterns, so I did some research to find this answer to share with you.

What To Know About Silk Hanging Lanterns?

You will notice right away how bright they are, their colors appear to be almost fluorescent. These all come directly from Vietnam, they are made of a combination of silk and bamboo. These sure will amaze your friends and family, you can hang them from anywhere you wish to.

  • Silk and Bamboo
  • Hand-made
  • Used for Over One-Thousand Years
  • Home
  • Office
  • Calming Effect
  • Decorative
  • Wide Variety of Styles and Colors

The silk lanterns are very bright colors, they will brighten up whatever room you decide to hang them. It really is a challenge to choose between them, so what is your favorite color?

Let Us Find Out About The Paper Lanterns

The paper lanterns are the ones you see in Asian festivals, you have the choice of a variety of designs and colors.

  • Hand-Made with Saa Paper and Wood
  • Two Optional Lighting Kits
  • Unique Shape and Design
  • Beautiful Patterns
  • Incredibly Stunning

These really are breathtaking to see, I do like these over the silk lanterns. Still, I am not sure if the paper lantern is the one for me, I am going to take more time to think it over.


Next Are The Hanging Chinese Lanterns

These are also paper lanterns, but they have more of a mythical design. One I like has butterflies and flowers, the background is white so the butterflies and flowers really stand out.

  • Mythical Figures
  • Dragons
  • Butterflies and Flowers
  • Chinese Girl
  • All Flowers

As hard as I might try, I just can’t really find the words to express their beauty. It would be best if you saw them for yourself, and if you have the time check out their other cool home decor merchandise.

Would A Glowing Lantern Be Cool To You?

It is a shame we can’t actually see these glowing, but that is not possible yet online. We will just have to try to imagine them glowing, you can find these in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • 8″ Orange
  • 12″ Red
  • 12″ Orange
  • 12″ Meadow Green
  • 12″ Purple
  • 8″ Blue
  • 8″ Yellow Gold
  • 8″ Purple
  • 8″ Peach
  • 12″ Bright Blue

Okay, you convinced me to provide you an image. Now I just have to decide which one to show you, these are very beautiful solid colors.


asian bedroom lamps



If you go on the website just click on the Asian Lamps tab on the menu, you will see both the lamps and lanterns dropdown. Please leave me a comment on what you think of this article Feel free to share this with your friends and family using my share buttons.

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Asian Lamps Or Lanterns?

I am pretty sure the lanterns appeal to me the most, maybe later on I can pick up a few of the lamps? You should have a better idea about these lanterns, at least I hope I have done a good job? The links will take you to my post with more information on this website, and from there you are able to go directly to the website if you desire to. Remember to let me know which one you think I should go with, it would really help me to hear what you think.


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