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My name is Jeff, and I am here to help as many of you as I possibly can. Do you enjoy getting surprises on your birthday, and if you do here is the place where you can find the best birthday clubs to join? I live in a small country town in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, so the best way I can help people would be by doing it this way. What I enjoy doing the most every day is taking nature walks with my Australian Shepherd, I do have three grown-up sons that I am extremely proud of. If you are interested in hearing more about my plans for this website, I encourage you to keep reading.

About Jeff

I spent most of my career as a freelance photographer, but in my mid-thirties I experienced debilitating health problems that ended my career. For years, I struggled to find my new purpose in my life, and then in my 40s, I started a new career as a freelance writer. Since then, I have been earning additional income by writing for companies and bloggers, and even though this has been successful for me financially, I am still feeling there is something missing from my life.

What Do People Need Help With?

When I first became disabled depression set in, so for years, I just felt I was just existing and not really living. I prayed to God for a sign of how to overcome how I was feeling, and then one day it hit me by helping other people. So I began by focusing on doing things for my family and friends, and gradually my depression became less and less. In the past, I coped with anxiety and stress with physical activities, but when I lost that coping skill I had no idea how to pick myself back up. God spoke to my heart to find a way to help others in an even more dramatic way, So that is how I came to deciding to create this website, but my problem was I had no idea how to accomplish this on my own?

How I Am Creating This Website?

I was a victim to one scam after another in an attempt to learn website design, so just when I was about ready to give up on my dream God came to my rescue once again. Out of the blue I ended up in this business training community, but of course, my first impression was another scam. As I read about this open door, I saw that you are able to join as a free member with limited training. I thought to myself why not test the waters just one more time, so it did not take me long to realize this was the answer to my problem. I am now a premium member with access to all the training and the tools required to design this website for you.

Birthday Clubs

Who doesn’t love to receive surprises on their birthday, so this hit me as a way I could help you. You will find articles on different birthday clubs you can join, and since I thought this was a cool way to help people, that is how I chose the main purpose of this website. I wanted to provide you even more, so I thought about adding posts on possible gifts for your family and friends as well.

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas

We all do our very best to find the perfect birthday gift for our family and friends, but many people are searching for more than you can find in your local stores. This day is supposed to be fun and special, so I decided to do the work for you and provide you some ideas. I really feel this could help many of you, and I know how I struggle to find the perfect gift much of the time. This is another way I hope to help you through my website, but there is another benefit I plan to provide those of you who experience anxiety and stress.

Shopping Anxiety And Stress

I experience anxiety and stress shopping big time, so I do understand too well how this makes you feel. I decided to add this in my articles as well, so between these three topics I am hoping to be able to help people like you. I have lived my entire life with several types of anxiety, and even though I am not a medical professional I do have the experience to share with you.

Why Do You Need A Purpose

Everyone needs a purpose to get them out of bed every morning, I for the longest time spend my day doing pretty much nothing. Without a purpose, you lose so much more than many realize. The majority of us will eventually lose our self-esteem, and when we don’t like ourselves we are our own worse enemy. Even though my health prevents me from my photography career, now I see it as a way for God to bring me gradually into his new plan for me. So if you find my website helpful, you can thank God, not me.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. That is what Jeff and this website are all about, so don’t be shy, I would love to hear from all of you.

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  1. Hi Jeff! Nice site. I’ll use it when I am looking for a unique gift idea.
    Also agree with you that God has a unique plan for each one of us. We just need to be listening to what it is!

    • Thank you,

      I appreciate you visiting the Website with Unique Gifts, you will find merchandise that is not in your local stores.
      Any requests much appreciated, I am always open to new article topics to write about. Remember this website is for you,
      wish you a great day

      Come back soon


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